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Emotional Wisdom:
A Compassionate Guide to the Messages Hidden in Your Feelings

Whether you are trying to heal depression and anxiety, uncover the roots of an addiction, or simply enrich your well-being, Emotional Wisdom: A Compassionate Guide to the Messages Hidden in Your Feelings is a wonderful resource for you.

The book is based upon three guiding principals: Awareness, Acceptance and Action. In reading the book, you will become skilled at this easy three-step process to heal old wounds by learning techniques to become aware of your hidden emotional messages and how to manage them. You will also discover how to develop compassion for yourself and finally, create action steps to positively transform any situation. Emotional Wisdom: A Compassionate Guide to the Messages Hidden in Your Feelings then teaches seven simple, yet highly effective skills to apply the wisdom of your emotional messages and help you resolve any present situation or problem. It also emphasizes that you can acquire these skills at any age and at any point in your life.

At the end of each chapter, the book includes a variety of experiences such as breath exercises, mind-body awareness and guided imagery healing techniques. Throughout the book there are 15 case studies of clients.  These case studies provide a glimpse of every-day people who have successfully dealt with issues that are likely to be similar to your own. The book ties each new exercise in with the chapters to give you a clear understanding of each technique being taught. 

Let Emotional Wisdom: A Compassionate Guide to the Messages Hidden in Your Feelings be a light on your journey toward a happier and more meaningful life.

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Table of Contents

An Overview of Emotional Wisdom

 Chapter 1:  A Process That Helps You Heal

The Power of Emotions

Chapter 2:  The Profound Effect of Feelings on Everyday Life
Chapter 3:  Emotions Are Logical: Scientific versus Emotional Logic
Chapter 4:  Emotional Messages: Why They Hide and How They Can Help

The Healing Process

Chapter 5: Myths That Trap Us and Truths That Free Us
Chapter 6:   First Phase of Healing: Establishing Safety
Chapter 7:   Second Phase of Healing: Triple-A Protection Plan 
Chapter 8:   Third Phase of Healing: Essential Skills for Applying Your Emotional Messages

Making the Changes Last

Chapter 9:  Ten Tips for Nourishing Your Emotional Wisdom

Book Reviews

“A clear and useful guide for managing emotions and healing our minds and bodies.”
Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Author, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

“Dr. Harriet Haberman’s book is both a practical and wonderful companion on an individual’s journey through self-exploration and healing. The discussions about understanding emotions and their hidden messages are clear and brilliant. Dr. Haberman’s book also offers a strong case for how Emotional Wisdom puts the message of The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, into applicable steps. This is a well-written, extremely compassionate, and, therefore, useful book. I must admit, Emotional Wisdom has already worked its magic on me. I have greatly benefited from Dr. Haberman’s wisdom, but even more from her heart.”
Maureen Buchanan Jones, Ph.D., Contributing Author, Letters to Fathers from Daughters

“Rich with insight and caring, Emotional Wisdom teaches us to trust and honor our truest guides: our emotions and our bodies’ clues to them. Dr. Haberman’s skillful blend of information and client examples provides a firm grounding for our movement into gentle exercises that help us listen deeply to our feelings. Specific, empowering guidance fills these pages. By nurturing self-awareness, self-acceptance, and clear intention, Emotional Wisdom becomes a treasured compass for our journey toward emotional healing and wholeness.”
Sharon A. Sharp, Ph.D., Editor, Contributing Author, Expressive Arts Therapy: Creative Process in Art and Life

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