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Services Offered

7 Step Problem Solving Sessions



It offers you
  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF from anxiety around the problem
  • UNDERSTANDING of what you truly want and need from the situation
  • AN ACTION STEP to help you successfully resolve the issue
  • These brief sessions are an excellent way to either resolve a simple problem or help you to shed light on an aspect of a more complex situation that has been hidden from your awareness. Combining body-mind techniques, cognitive skills and strong intuitive abilities, Dr. Haberman will help you to release inner blocks that have prevented you from discovering the solution that is right for you. For more information about the process, the 7 step procedure is outlined in her book, Emotional Wisdom: A Compassionate Guide to the Messages Hidden in Your Feelings.

    Individual Sessions

    Dr. Haberman’s sessions combine over 30 years of professional training, a wide variety of experiential tools, a strong spiritual foundation as well a highly developed intuitive ability. She honors the importance of authenticity and caring between client and therapist and recognizes that a compassionate relationship is essential for healing to occur. Dr. Haberman’s empathetic presence provides a sense of safety and comfort that creates a path to discovering your inner wisdom: the wisdom that holds the key to your healing. The knowledge that you access is empowering and relieves the painful burden associated with old wounds often hidden under repression and denial. These unresolved, suppressed emotions are the true root of anxiety, depression, and phobias as well as addictive behaviors.

    To help you integrate on a nonverbal, sensory level what you have intellectually learned, Dr. Haberman offers a variety of experiential techniques including a series of guided imagery healing sessions and E.M.D.R. (See www.emdr.com for more information)

    Imago Relationship Skills for Couples and Singles

    Whether in partnership or single, you want to love and be loved, and have satisfying relationships with your partner, friends and family. It is inevitable that at times your relationships you will hit some bumpy spots. At these points, Imago Relationship Therapy is a valuable, tool to achieve the quality relationship you desire.

    Couples benefit from the Imago process by:

      Helping you to understand how various experiences from your past have an
        impact on your present–including the people you are attracted to and choose
        for relationships
      Teaching both of you relationship skills and more effective ways to interact with
        others–especially your partner.
      Transforming your relationship into a continuing source of love and companionship.

    Individuals can benefit from the Imago process by:

       Understanding your past relationships and resolving prior disappointments.
       Identifying the factors that influence your choice of partners.
       Developing skills to prepare yourself for a healthy, satisfying relationship.


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