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The purpose of my seminars is to teach skills to enhance your self-awareness and personal growth. Specifically, my intention is to help you access your feelings, which hold the key to you authentic self and reveal your deepest desires. In addition, the Emotional Wisdom process provides you with action steps to translate these desires in to a more fulfilling life.

Emotional Wisdom:

A Compassionate Guide to the Messages Hidden in Your Feelings

  Do You Wonder Why You Or Someone You Know Keeps Doing The Same Thing Over
    and Over Even Though It Has Disastrous Results?
  Ever Wonder Why You Are Feeling Something That Seems To Make No Sense At All?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions then you need the practical skills of Emotional Wisdom created by Dr. Harriet Haberman. We know that using pure logic to deal with emotions doesn’t work; if it were that simple, we would not find our lives in a state of frequent upheaval. We also realize that emotional intelligence is critical for a successful life, but the question until now has been, “Where is a manual to help us implement this useful information and guide us through the often confusing maze of our feelings?” We have a manual for everything else from computers to cell phones, but there is nothing available to interpret the valuable information hidden within our emotions.  That is, until now. At last, Dr. Haberman has developed a compassionate guide for understanding your feelings. Dr. Haberman offers a simple process that will teach you how to uncover the priceless information hidden in your emotions- information that allows you to heal. When you discover what your feelings have concealed, you learn to access your authentic self, which reveals you true heart’s desires and inevitably leads to a more fulfilling life.

As Neale Donald Walsch so wisely states in his book, Conversations With God,  “Feeling is the language of the soul…hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truths…”

Join us for this workshop and:

Learn to decode your feeling’s hidden messages and boost your emotional intelligence
Participate in experiential exercises to enhance the skills you learn
Share in small group discussions that provide support and camaraderie

This seminar has been presented to the
following audiences:

Seminar Presentations
Goddess Joy Workshop -Emotional Wisdom and the Law of Attraction

 Workshop Presentation - Wellness Gala - Emotional Wisdom and The Law of Attraction
  Author Presentation- Leonia Reads – Forum for Authors in Leonia, Emotional Wisdom
  Staff Presentation to Social Workers & Holistic Nurses - The Valley Hospital – Ridgewood,
    New Jersey
  Holy Name Hospital - Teaneck, New Jersey
  Women In Bloom- Women’s Empowerment Group -
Tenafly, NJ
  New Age Health Spa
Neversink, New York

Staff Presentations
The Valley Hospital-Social Workers & Holistic Nurses
Ridgewood, New Jersey  
Renfrew Eating Disorder Center of New Jersey Ridgewood, New Jersey

Comments from Previous Participants

“The seminar was informative, inspirational, touching, funny and very professional”

“Your wisdom and guidance touched many people and gave them the tools to be in touch with their emotions as they move forward”

“Dr. Haberman is an experienced, caring and intuitive guide. The seminar was great and provided a helpful gentle format to take a deeper look at myself. I loved it!”

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